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M.Sc. Guanda Yang

Scientific staff member



Tel.: +49 9131/85-27746

Fax: +49 9131/85-28321


Room: 1.90




Curriculum vitae


2006 - 2010

Study at the Department of Precision Instruments at the Tsinghua University, China,
degree: B.Sc.


2012 - 2014

Study of mechatronics at the Technische Universität Chemnitz,
degree: M.Sc.



Master thesis at Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH, Berlin Adlershof,
topic: Entwicklung eines Messstands für thermische Diffusitätsmessung ultra dünner Schichten mithilfe der 3-Omega-Methode


2014 - 2016

Development engineer at Cetrico Industrial Consultant GmbH


Since october 2016

PhD position at the Institute of Polymer Materials at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg,

field of activity:Influence of carbon fibre length distribution on the conductivity and percolation threshold utilizing computer simulations





G. Yang, F. Nilsson, D. W. Schubert, Universal and anisotropic simulation platform for the study of electrical proberties of conductive polymer composites, AIP Conference Proceedings (2019) 2055


G. Yang, D. W. Schubert, M. Qu, F. Nilsson, Novel Theoretical Self‐Consistent Mean‐Field Approach to Describe the Conductivity of Carbon Fiber–Filled Thermoplastics: PART II. Validation by Computer Simulation, Macromol. Theory Simul., 2018, 1700105


M. Qu, F. Nilsson, Y. Qin, G. Yang, Y. Pan, X. Liu, G. H. Rodriguez, J. Chen, C. Zhang, D. W. Schubert, Electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of melt-spun ternary composites comprising PMMA, carbon fibers and carbon black, Composites Science and Technology, 2017, 150, 24-31